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The University of Investing

Interactive Guides to help you invest in the best possible manner. Learn through BrainBought's interactive
videos, charts and graphics. Go through the levels, make your own decisions, and watch them become profitable.

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One man's 5119 crore portfolio - analysed the BrainBought way!

The best often use the simplest ways. And use them well. Here's Rakesh Jhunjhunwala's portfolio analysed, the BrainBought way.


SAIL - The ultimate value stock of the summer

A hands-on example which shows you how you can apply the Unviersity's concepts!


Dotcom Supernova!

This article talks about the Blur vs Oasis war of the early '90s and the dotcom bubble of the turn of the century - and fundamental analysis!


Expected Returns

What kind of returns does each investment promise you? Be sure to choose wisely to maximise gains.


The Art of Investing

Call it science or pure numeric logic - investing is indeed a beauty of an artwork!


Demand, Supply and the Fair Price of Stocks

What is it that governs the price of stocks? What causes price fluctuations? Read all about it here!


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